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Build a system that’s seamlessly connected to your customers using our development solutions to help you achieve digital transformation, increase efficiency, and boost revenue.
  • Website +

    We prioritize user experience and interactivity, crafting websites that are simple to use yet fully functional. Our website systems are widely used across industries, empowering clients to build deeper connections with their users.

  • Mini Program +

    Our comprehensive solutions for mini programs combine sleek design with full functionality and stable performance. We offer one-stop services, from development to launch to operation, bringing market opportunities and growth potential to clients seeking to upgrade and transform.

  • APP +

    We specialize in tailored native APPs designed for mobile devices, providing users with a superior experience and higher retention rates. We offer efficient backend development and top-notch security measures, giving our clients a strong competitive edge.

  • Customized System +

    We specialize in creating complete business system development solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our customized systems can manage data, optimize business processes, and facilitate collaboration, resulting in increased efficiency, improved competitiveness, and enhanced management capabilities.

We offer comprehensive implementation services to help our clients achieve a smooth transition to their new systems, increase efficiency, and create greater value.
  • Clustered Website +

    Our comprehensive solutions for clustered website integration and management improve efficiency and lower costs. Through customized solutions, efficient operation, and reliable support, we provide fast, reliable, and personalized service to our clients.

  • Media Platform +

    Our one-stop multimedia integration solution supports the informatization construction of media organizations. We provide comprehensive services such as internal collaboration, content output, and operation management, enabling integrated publishing and enhancing media influence and coverage.

  • OA +

    We provide comprehensive solutions for internal workflow, circulation, and security, offering services such as product customization, maintenance, and upgrades. Our solutions enhance work efficiency and quality, facilitating collaborative communication, and streamlining internal processes.

  • Data Visualization +

    Transforming complex data into intuitive and easily understandable charts, graphs, and dashboards, our services extract key insights from massive datasets, enabling clients to quickly grasp trends, uncover valuable opportunities, and achieve data-driven success.

To maintain efficient and stable operation of the business system, reduce risks, minimize failures and recovery time, allowing customers to focus on business expansion.
  • Application +

    We offer high-quality, standardized application maintenance services to meet your business requirements, enhancing application stability, reducing usage costs, and unleashing application potential to deliver maximum value to our clients.

  • WeChat +

    With cutting-edge technology and tools, we offer efficient, secure, and reliable WeChat maintenance services, enhancing user experience and satisfaction while providing strong support for your digital transformation.

  • Centralized Site +

    We are focused on providing daily maintenance, updates, and optimization services for centralized websites. Our experienced IT professionals ensure the stable operation, security, and content updates of centralized websites, guaranteeing reliable performance and peace of mind for our clients.

  • Sub-site +

    Our maintenance solutions are tailored to meet individual needs of sub-sites. We guarantee the high-quality and stable operation of sub-sites, improving user efficiency and experience for our clients. We ensure the success of your digital ecosystem by offering reliable maintenance support for your sub-sites.

  • Security +

    We are committed to ensuring the security of our clients’ systems and data. Leveraging advanced security architecture, technologies, and services, we boost the stability and security of your applications, minimizing potential security risks and losses. Trust us to keep your digital assets safeguarded, minimize your exposure to threats, and enhance your overall security posture.

  • Host +

    We monitor and manage the performance of your hosts, promptly identifying and resolving any issues. We ensure the stability, reliability, and security of your server systems, providing robust support for your business growth. Trust us to keep your hosts operating smoothly, efficiently, and securely while helping you maintain your competitive edge.

We protect your business systems and build an efficient support system. Our professional technology and services cater to diverse and high-quality support needs.
  • Cloud +

    Utilizing cloud resources from telecom operators, local state-owned enterprises, and well-known brands, we provide comprehensive cloud computing services such as cloud hosts, object storage, cloud desktops, IPV6, and domain names, helping customers to build a powerful and efficient IT infrastructure in the cloud.

  • Security +

    To ensure the security and reliability of information systems, we provide comprehensive information security services, including firewall, data backup, security audit, bastion host, SSL certificates and other measures to prevent illegal intrusion and protect sensitive data, as well as to quickly detect and resolve potential security risks.

  • API +

    We provide third-party API data interface services, such as short message, identity authentication, and express route information, to expand the functionality of information systems with the principles of low cost and high efficiency, enabling quick and seamless data sharing and ensuring the best user experience.

  • Extension +

    We offer excellent performance extension functions such as accessibility assistance, sensitive word monitoring, and anti-tampering services to meet customer needs. These services ensure sustainable content application, expand the application’s audience, and improve user satisfaction.




Given the extensive and complex range of business areas covered by government agencies, including administrative management, public services, and policy implementation, information systems place a strong emphasis on data security and privacy protection. These systems require robust security mechanisms and compliance measures, and rely heavily on the support of policies and regulations. It is necessary to keep a close eye on changes in policies and regulations, and to update and comply with them in a timely manner. Based on the characteristics and challenges of government agency information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:


The informationization construction of higher education pays more attention to the needs of teaching and research, as well as the dissemination of academic value and knowledge. The specific requirements for student management and academic administration are different from those of other industry systems. There is a high demand for resource integration in academic resources and databases, and a platform is provided for academic exchange, knowledge sharing, and openness. Based on the characteristics and challenges of higher education information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:


The informationization construction of large state-owned enterprises needs to consider the immense scale and complexity of their organizations, coordinating and integrating the information systems of various departments and subsidiaries. Compliance with government regulatory requirements and legal systems is crucial, with a focus on security and protective measures. A robust security system must be established for data involving national security and business secrets. At the same time, it is necessary to provide transparent, efficient, and reliable informationization services to multiple stakeholders. Based on the characteristics and challenges of large state-owned enterprise information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:


The informationization construction of listed companies revolves around profitability and shareholder returns, aligning with corporate strategies and profit models to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and expand markets. Compliance with financial, accounting, and regulatory requirements is also essential. Given the close ties between listed companies and investors and the market, sufficient attention must be paid to transparency and timeliness regarding corporate development, financial status, and other aspects. Based on the characteristics and challenges of listed company information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:


The informationization construction of well-known brands focuses on protecting the value and reputation of the brand. Through marketing and consumer interactions, they aim to expand market influence and enhance brand recognition across multiple channels. At the same time, attention is paid to the network of suppliers and partners to achieve data interoperability, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce costs. They also support tools and platforms for innovation and research and development, driving their capabilities in these areas. Based on the characteristics and challenges of well-known brand information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:


The informationization construction of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) faces limited resources and budgetary constraints, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and rational utilization of resources. These enterprises strive to improve management efficiency and optimize processes to enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, they focus on the market, aiming to meet the diverse needs of customers through precision marketing. By leveraging technology to break down traditional industry barriers, SMEs can capitalize on their flexibility and innovative advantages to capture market share. Based on the characteristics and challenges of SME information systems, their informationization solutions include the following services:





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During the warranty period, customers can enjoy proactive services through interactive, pull, and push channels, catering to various scenarios.

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